April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day Do’s & Don’ts

April Fool’s Day has changed in the last ten years from focusing on little joke-type pranks to full on corporate campaigns to ruthless and dangerous pranks. While most of the April Fool’s Day pranks you may engage it are just harmless fun, it’s important to remember that harming yourself or others can have lasting effects.

What Not to Do

As lip fullness gained in popularity, many searched for DIY ways to get fuller and more plump lips. Many attempted to use a small glass jar, sucking their lips into it and leaving it for hours. In the end, many ended up with ridiculous looking lips, as well as permanent nerve damage around the lips, scarring, bruising and definitely pain. Tricking someone into doing this on April Fools or doing it yourself to fool others is not a great idea. The results are unpredictable and could land you in a hospital.

While planning out your April Fool’s Day adventures, try to consider how your actions may affect others. For example, sucking someone’s lips into a vacuum machine may seem hilarious but could really damage the persons lips, much like the above lip challenge. Be wary of DIY joke lip balms or scrubs, as they could contain ingredients that are quite dangerous for the lips or when ingested. Another common April Fool’s Day prank involves giving someone a glue stick under the guise that it’s Chapstick. If you’re headed that route be sure you’re using non-toxic children’s glue, as not to do any permanent damage. And please never use superglue when it comes to anywhere on the body.

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April Fool’s Day jokes involving a little scare, a prank or just something funny is definitely the way to go. Avoiding bodily harm to yourself and others is certainly something to think about when planning out your jokes.

Avoid These Common Pranks

Announcing you have cancer on April Fools would probably have a lot of people not believing you, due to many being untrusting on this day of the year. But, it’s still not a good idea to ever lie about having a serious illness, whether it’s April Fool’s Day or not. Hiding balloons in the back seat of someone’s car might be funny but messing with their car to the point of breaking something or doing long-term damage is not funny. Exploiting a serious phobia of someone’s, like bugs or being kidnapped, is not all that funny either. If you know someone is deeply terrified of something, don’t mess with it. Lastly, shaving someone’s head, eyebrows or beard should be avoided at all costs. Hair does grow back, but it takes some serious time.

What to do Instead

Avoiding the previous pranks, there are still some fun ways to mess around on April Fool’s Day. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

  • Tape a piece of paper to the bottom of a coworker’s computer mouse. It’ll block the sensor, so they’ll spend a few minutes trying to get it to work before flipping it over to see that it’s been tampered with. This is what’s meant by some harmless fun.
  • Rearrange your significant other’s drawers or closet. When they wake up half asleep to get ready for the day, they’ll be significantly confused when they go to grab a pair of pants and see all their underwear hanging in the closet.
  • Stick the head of someone’s toothbrush into a cup of water and place in the freezer. Before they go to use their toothbrush in the morning or at night, put the toothbrush back in its place…with a frozen head.
  • Stick googly eyes on everything in the fridge, freezer & pantry so when your roommate, kids or significant other opens them up, it’ll be sure to cause a laugh.

April Fool’s Day can be a fun holiday involving lighthearted, fun jokes if you plan it right. Avoid causing bodily or expensive damage and you’re probably in the right direction.


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