Cheers to A Healthy Smile

Cheers to A Healthy Smile

It’s time for one of the biggest drinking focused holidays in the world – St. Patrick’s Day. As we move towards warmer weather and summertime, alcohol consumption goes up throughout the country.

Don’t let your smile suffer during your alcohol indulgence.

While drinking alcohol may be fun and safe in small quantities, it affects all aspects of your body. From skin to organs to teeth, alcohol has an effect. Today we will explore how beer affects your teeth and how you can minimize and even reverse those effects.

How Does Beer Affect Teeth?

The first way that beer can affect your teeth is through discoloration. Overindulgence in beer can over time lead to brown or yellow discoloration.

If you like to indulge in darker beers, this can lead to even more serious discoloration. The second way that beer can affect your teeth is through enamel destruction. Beer is an acidic drink, and can over time eat away at the enamel. This can lead to further teeth discoloration and increase tooth sensitivity. Darker beers, again, tend to be worse and are usually more acidic than lighter beers.

The next way that beer can affect your teeth is through gum disease. You may not think of beer as a sugary drink, but beer is chock full of sugars. Sugars combine with your saliva to create plaque on your teeth. If you don’t brush enough, or drink an excess of beer, it can lead to nasty gum infections, gum disease or periodontitis.

Sometimes it’s the alcohol culture that can affect your teeth even more than the drink itself. Opening beer cans or bottles with your teeth is terrible for them, and can lead to cracks and chips. Most people tend to consume more sugary and fatty foods while drinking, which we’ve already learned, isn’t great for your gums or teeth. Alcohol consumption can also cause dehydration, which can decrease enamel and dentin.

Reverse the Effects

The most obvious way to reduce the effects of beer on your teeth is by reducing alcohol consumption. Reducing alcohol consumption is good for your skin, organs and overall wellbeing. But, sometimes it’s not realistic to completely cut beer out of your diet. And that’s okay! But moderation is key.

While you’re drinking, there are some important points to remember. Be sure to drink a sip of water every so often while drinking beer. This will help wash the sugars out of your mouth, and keep you hydrated. Try to avoid fatty foods and stick to your skincare routine, no matter how awful washing your face before bed sounds.

Whether or not you drink alcohol frequently, brushing twice daily, flossing daily and visiting your dentist at least twice a year is a routine you should implement immediately. But, if you are drinking beer regularly, this is even more important. If possible, add an extra brush after a beer-heavy happy hour or before a long night out.

Another thing to add to your daily or weekly tooth-care routine is light therapy. The reVive® Light Therapy dpl® Oral Care device has been shown to increase gum health, reduce gum pain and even whiten teeth. You can even add whitening gels to up your whitening power even more. Use the oral care device as often as you’d like, but add an extra session after a heavy night or day of drinking.

Drinking socially can be fun, but drinking heavily can lead to disastrous effects on your body and specifically your teeth. Follow proper tooth care routines, and drink in moderation and your body will repair itself after a little fun!

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