Frequently Asked Questions

How does pain relief treatment work?

For Pain applications you can use the device once or twice per day. However, if you are experiencing pain after these two sessions you may use the system more. Unlike a heating pad, light therapy works underneath the skins surface, penetrating a 1” to 1”1 ½” below the skin’s surface.

There are many studies, including NASA studies that shows that light therapy works for pain relief. Professionals such as doctors, rehab facilities, therapists, and chiropractors use the light therapy on patients in clinical settings with great success.

Many people will experience reduced pain after the first use, but depending on different factors it could take many days of multiple treatments to feel the pain reduction. Some of the factors that impact results are: type of pain, cause or source of pain, medications, location on body, etc.

We encourage the users to set the expectations levels at a reasonable point. Light Therapy assists with pain relief, including increasing blood circulation, relaxing muscles, and reducing spasms. Be encouraged to be realistic in expectations with what you are trying to accomplish.

How long is the treatment time?

It is recommended that you use our light therapy for 3 minutes per treatment area. You can use clock, cell phone or watch timer to set that time. Hold or place the device on the treatment area, holding it steady without moving it around. Upon completion of the 3 minute treatment cycle, move device to the next treatment area repeat and follow the same steps.

How close should I hold the device?

It’s recommended that you hold the device ¼” from the skin’s surface or directly on the skin if you wish. For our handheld products, hold the device steady on the treatment area for 3 minutes. When using our hands free products, keep the device stationary for each treatment cycle.

How do I clean the device?

1. Turn device off and unplug from any power source.
2. Do not clean the LED lights with any liquid or damp cloth. Use air blower device like a blow dryer or computer air cleaner to remove particles and dust from LEDs.
3. Clean device exterior with damp cloth or rubbing alcohol.
4. Allow to dry completely prior to use.

Why am I not seeing all the lights?

The lights (LED’s) that you are not seeing are in the Infrared (I/R)  spectrum, and are not visible to the human eye. Some cell phone  & high speed digital cameras are able to pick up on the LED’s in this spectrum. By using your cell phone or high speed digitial camera you may be able to see them.

For additional questions please contact us or call 1-800-337-9565 to speak with a customer care specialist.