Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 13th this year. If you’re still unsure what you should get for your mom, we’re here to help. We compiled this list of some of the best products for moms on the market right now.

For the Food Lover

Spiralizing vegetables is a very trendy and healthy thing right now. Encourage some healthy and fun eating by getting your mom a spiralizer! You can even make a mother’s day date out of it, and learn how to use it together.

For the Fashion Feen

Get your mom this fun, bright crossbody bag and improve her fashion & organization. The bright color will help her stand out, while the slim shape will ensure she only carries what she needs. She’ll no longer have to carry that bulky purse she’s had since you were a teenager!

For the Mom that Always Loses Her Keys

If your mom is constantly misplacing her keys, purse or other necessary item, buy her one of these. This is a tile tracker, and can be attached to keys, slipped in a purse or attached into anything else. If you’ve misplaced something in your home, you can tell tile to make noise from your phone. If it’s outside the home, you can track it via the app. This will save your mom time and stress.

For the Anti-Aging Warrior

For the mom that worries about fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and crow’s feet, you could get her a few treatments at the local spa. Or, you could get her a product that will help her fight skin aging for the rest of her life. The NEW reVive Light Therapy® Lookbook is an FDA-cleared medical device that’s proven to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, smile lines, crow’s feets, brow lines and more. It can also improve overall skin tone and reduce the appearance of scars.

For the Garden Lover

For the mom that loves to spend time in her garden, or always wished she had one, get her a mini indoor herb garden. She can start adding fresh, healthy herbs to her cooking, right from the comfort of her kitchen counter. While you’re at it, get her a few seeds for the most common herbs, like mint, basil or parsley.

For the Frequent Flyer

For the mom that’s always traveling, get her a TSA-approved carry on suitcase. She’ll look fashionable walking through the airport with it’s gorgeous rose gold color, and she’ll get into and out of the airport so much faster since she won’t have to check a bag. With it’s hard casing, all of her belongings will be protected, regardless of any unexpected turbulence.

For the Tea Lover

For the mom that’s always pouring you a cup of tea as soon as you walk in the door, get her this awesome electric kettle. It features electric temperature controls and auto shut off. The best part is, she can use both her bagged teas & her loose teas since it has a built-in loose tea infuser.

For the Spa Day Lover

If your mom treats spa days like mandatory work events, get her a coconut milk bath soak. It’s formula helps hydrate and soften the skin, all while she lays back and relaxes in a hot bath. And, if your mom is concerned about her skincare products being all natural, she’ll be happy to know that it’s 100% natural & 100% vegan.

For the Book Hoarder

For the mom that has fifteen bookshelves stuffed with books, get her a paperwhite Kindle. It has the basic black and white layout of a real book, so she won’t feel like she’s losing out on part of her favorite hobby. She can carry hundreds of books, all in the palm of her hand. When you gift it to her, see if any of her current book favorites were purchased on Amazon. Sometimes you can get the Kindle version for free!

For the Mom Who’s Tired of Meal Planning

For the mom who spent her whole life making sure you had a good meal on the table for dinner each night, get her a subscription to one of many meal delivery services. HelloFresh is the one pictured here, but there are hundreds of subscriptions that vary by size, type of food, diet restrictions and more. Even better, if your mom really doesn’t like the actual cooking part of meal planning, get her a subscription to one that does the cooking for you so all she has to do is pop it in the microwave or oven.

For the Holistic Wellness Lover

For the mom who loves her crystals and morning meditation, get her a Himalayan Salt lamp. Not only are they pretty, but they’ve been shown to have some benefits, too. A himalayan salt lamp has been shown to decrease the levels of electromagnetic radiation that emits from our many electronic devices. It’s also considered a purifying device, bettering the mood of any room it’s in.

For the Wine Lover

If your mom loves wine, but doesn’t know a ton about it, get her this amazing book. It’s a stunningly beautiful book, so pretty that it could sit on your coffee table as decoration. You can flip through it’s many pages to find information on how each type of wine is created, what region it’s grapes come from and what kinds of foods pair best with it. It shows each of the world’s prominent wine regions, and covers the different tastes and textures each produces due to it’s soil. Your mom will be a pro in no time.

For the Cocktail Creationist

For the mom that creates a signature cocktail for every one of her backyard barbeques, get her this adorable pineapple cocktail shaker. It’ll add a layer of fun to the cocktail creations for everyone involved. Plus, it makes great decor when not in use! You can make this gift even better by turning it into a cocktail basket and including mini liquor bottles for some of her favorite cocktails.

Whatever you decide to get your mom, it’s sure to be loved and appreciated. Take some time to find something that your mom will love and use for years to come. Happy shopping!


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