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Pain Relief & Recovery Treatment

880nm Infrared (invisible to the human eye) light spectrum range has demonstrated the highest level of natural healing effects within the body’s cellular structure. Combined with 660nm Red light, These spectrum of light, combined with our dpl® technology, reaches deep into joints and tissues and generates increased circulation, oxygenation, cellular repair and reproduction resulting in the removal of toxins, unwanted cellular matter and a general temporary relief of associated effects like muscle/joint aches, arthritis/tendonitis pain, muscle spasms, etc. Additional benefits include an increased rate of injury recovery and wound healing as well.

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Light Therapy Technology

Initially developed by NASA research to treat astronauts, light therapy quickly evolved to professionally administered treatments, and now “over the counter” FDA-cleared devices. reVive Light Therapy® / dpl® has refined the technology behind our FDA cleared Class II medical devices over the last 13 years. We’ve identified the specific spectrums of light that generate the desired effects naturally within our body’s cellular structure and replicated these spectrums with high power LED light micro-chips. We’re now able to remove all harmful and non-productive light spectrums and deliver concentrated doses of the effective spectrum of light to the body.

Our reVive Light Therapy® uses Deep Penetrating Light (dpl®) Technology, working from the inside out to penetrate deeper, and enhances the body’s cell repair mechanism. Research and clinical studies have demonstrated dramatic effects in pain relief, injury recovery, acne treatment and anti-aging treatment with light therapy. Our LED light therapy devices have been engineered to medical grade specifications and are safe for all skin types.

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